FreightTracker is an easy to use transport management system. Specialising in container transport, we also have systems and modules to manage linehaul, bulk haulage, warehousing and equipment management for the earth moving industry. Our solution suits small to large companies, with the ability to deal with up to 500 vehicles.

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EasyAllocate is a simple to use system for companies in the civil engineering industry or in fact any company that has multiple sites and wishes to track their large and small equipment and people across those sites. It also has a bulk haulage module. The use of the system is primarily done through simple drag and drop actions.

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TransMesh is our new software that is going to be the glue that holds transport systems together. Its sole purpose is to merge data from multiple sources to multiple receiving systems. Whether its GPS data, work start/stop, refrigeration temperatures, vehicle or employee information or anything else, transMesh can integrate with the input source and send to one or many output locations.

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Gearbox is a web-based software for better fleet management, which helps you to easily track maintenance on any kind of vehicle. Services can be based on Km’s, Hours, days or combination of all 3. Gearbox also gives you access to personalised checklists for any equipment.

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LogChecker is an easy to use diary page checking system. Simply register your drivers and vehicles to start using it. Check driving hours and get automatic, informative and easy to read reports.

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Prestart is web based software to make fleet compliance simpler. Carry out checklists from a smartphone or tablet, with photos of faults and failed items sent it straight to the office. No more waiting for paperwork to be returned to the office. Manage your fleet on an easy to use interface

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