Freight Tracker v3.23 Released

We have just released v3.32 of FreightTracker.

There are several items in this release that you have have asked us for over the past couple of months. One of the key ones is sending the signed POD with invoices. The full list is below. In the next release we will also be including the signatures captured from the mobile device.

On another note, today one of our customers was the first to go live with the mobile app and so far things are going well. The drivers seem to manage well. Some of you have also received a test unit from us and will start your live testing this week. If you have any questions, please contact Aydin in our office.

Important Information:
We have changed our office number to 02 4207 9095 – please update your contact details.

3.23 - 01/06/16
- Changes of wharf from Vessel feed now automatically changes the wharf on the booking and legs
- Check on the date of wharf legs compared with storage starts to warn of pickup scheduled for after storage<
- Display shipping company of the allocation screen vessel popup
- Print POD option - if you are scanning your paper POD's you an now print them from the print icon on the booking details screen
- Invoice POD option - use the invoice_with_pod parameter to automate sending POD's with the invoices
- Highlight customer notification date for MT pickups - use parameter mt_notify_alert_time parameter to specify how many hours you want a new notification to he highlighted for customer. When customers set the pickup date for thier MT, the time they make that request is stored and highlighted.freighttracker-update-3.23-2
- Vessels - changed the number format showing containers ont eh vessels to x / y - where y is total number of containers and x is the number of slots still to get freighttracker-update-3.23-3
- Ability to unexport an invoice. Go to Invoices tab on Customer detail screen and click on the tick icon to unexport.
- Creation of receiving report
- Pallet control module and report
- Creation of LPN numbers
- Added zone management
- Added product tab in settings
Mobile App
- Fixed an issue where the app timed out while you were waiting for the container to be unloaded and then took you back to click on arrive delivery
- Removed the start work button

Freight Tracker v3.22 Released

Firstly welcome to our new customers receiving this for the first time.

The notable changes in this release are fairly small. The 2 main ones are:
– The archive email that is sent with all emails leaving the system is now using BCC and not CC
– The pending page now works like the Depot page in that even after you have scheduled an MT container to be picked up from a customer, it will still appear on this page in the scheduled section until the MT pickup is complete. This way, what is on the Pending page is exactly what you have out on sites.

Apart from that we have been working hard on warehousing and FT4. We have made a decision to release FT4 screens as part of these small releases rather than attempting a massive change release. We think this will be easier for you to digest and faster for us to get the new screens to you. It will however make the system look a little disjointed in the short term. The first of these releases will be in 2 weeks when we will be putting the customer screens live.

We will be starting live trials of the mobile app with some of our clients over the next couple of weeks, so hopefully that will be moving fast soon too.

Some of you have been asking about warehousing. We are working closely with one of our clients who run a large warehouse and we are going live on the 1st August with them. We have 2 other smaller warehouse clients who have already signed up to be next off the list in late August early September. If you are interested in Warehousing, please let us know so that we can demo the system and schedule your rollout.

3.22 - 18/05/16
- Added delivery confirmation emails for linehaul
- Created a new driver run sheet (runsheet4)
- Re-allowed the finance tab to add / edit / delete the freight rate
- Pending tab - added and containers that are still at client site but scheduled to leave. This brings the Pending page in line wiht the Depot page.
- Drivers run sheet - when priting the DO and Connotes, the system used to print the DO's at the end, now it prints them in the order with the Connotes and runsheets
- Reports - Containers by Booking - you can enter a booking number and get a list of containers on that booking in report format
- Changed archive email to use BCC and not CC
- Forced having a description int the job rates
- Introduced Licence Place Number (LPN) concept
- Moved the job information icons onto each line of the booking
- Added a new customer type = Warehouse into the customer screens
- Fixed issue with future dated jobs showing in todays list
Mobile App
- Added trigger of auto emails from mobile app
- Customer Portal
- Fixed issue that sometimes hides or duplicates a container
- Fixed an issue where creating a booking sometimes shortened the state and postcode by 1 character
- Customer portal new account email was missing a link to the login page - resolved
Bug Fixes
- Fixed occasional bug where a booking can have a different delivery location to that of the leg
- Downloading the attachments from the allocation screen was not saving with a sufix - now it is.
- Fixed an issue in Global Rates page that does not auto refresh on update of somecharges
- Fixed some issues with the company name in container sticker 2

Freight Tracker v3.20 Released

This week we welcomed Aydin Ada to the team. Aydin is an experienced IT manager who will ultimately be responsible for customer support. We have been growing so quickly (4 new clients just last week) that we realise we need to act now to set up better and more professional support channels. We are looking forward to Aydin getting up to speed and whipping us into shape :-)

As with the past couple of releases our focus is on Warehousing and FT4 new screens. We are also putting renewed energy into our Linehaul module as we have many clients waiting for a Linehaul / General Freight module.

Below are the changes in this release. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

3.20 - 20/04/16
- Containers Booking Report - located in Reports->Containers it asks for a booking number and lists details of the containers on that booking. Ability to export to PDF and XL coming in next release.
- Added the Vessel to the Depot screen - useful for exports in the depot waiting to go to wharf
- Changed default sort on WA screen to keep containers on the same Vessel together when there is no Availability Date
- Roll Warehouse Jobs - just like in containers we now roll incomplete inbound or outbound jobs
- Added ability to create from/to location during booking process
- Move job info icons to be active against line items
- Change inbound booking screen to have better UI components
- Added management and display of product units
- Created Put Away document
Mobile App
- Fixed some issues with Geofence failing on deliver back to depot
Bug Fixes
- Attach file from booking detail screen was causing screen to close - now it stays on booking detail
- Fixed crash on update rates when really large list
- Fixed rare issue where a booking can be for customer X with name of customer Y
- Hidden Parameters - added ability to hide parameters that should never be touched by users.