Freight Tracker v3.29 Released

Using SSL Technology - you will now notice that all your pages start with HTTPS. Freighttracker is now using encryption on the pages to make everything more secure.
Report Changes - we have upgraded the reports system to be easier to use and to use the latest graphing functions. Now you can go to reports and select the tab for the module you are interested and then click the report on the left hand side. You then enter the report details and select from the output options: Table, PDF, XL and sometimes Chart.Screen%20Shot%202016-10-19%20at%2011.52.22%20am.pngScreen%20Shot%202016-10-19%20at%2011.43.06%20am.png When you have a tabular output you can also filter and sort the results to analyse them.
Auto Overweight - the system can now automatically flag and charge for overweight containers. Go to Settings->Rate Items and edit your Freight items (eg. 20SL). There is a new field called Max Weight (stored in kg). Set that weight. You should also have an Overweight icon in your Ref Info icons to use this and that icon can be tied to a rate charge. If you are confused about this and want the functionality, please contact us to help with it.
DO field in XL Report - Added the DO Received flag to the XL version of the Customer/Timeslot report
Clear Timeslots Option on Roll Legs - last release we automatically cleared timeslots when we rolled legs. Some customers did not want this so we made this an optional feature.
Single Release Number entry for Exports - when creating an export job with lots of containers on it, you can now just enter the release number once in the first container and it will automatically update all the others.
Invoicing is now capable of using the new billing customer concept
Mobile App
Fixed an issue geolocation data (where the truck is) not returning correctly after a Google change.
Added connote to the list of documents you can view from the mobile app
FT 4 - as you know we are in the process of building new screens for FT which is taking a lot of time as we have so much other development to do. We will be releasing screens one by one rather than in a big bang approach which should be easier for both you the user and us the developers. The following screens have been migrated to FT4
  • Settings
  • Vessels
  • Jobs
  • Reports
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with XERO integration not triggering from Invoice screen
  • Fixed issue with Auto Timeslot update via email from 1-Stop
  • Fixed issue with WA tab for exports not having correct vessel list

Freight Tracker v3.28 Released

Roll Legs Flag - we have added a new parameter called flag_rolled_legs. If that is set to 1, then each night when the legs are rolled to the new day, the line on the allocation screen will be highlighted with a bright yellow background to let you know the leg has rolled.
Roll legs remove timeslot / time - additionally now when we roll the wharf legs, we will remove the timeslot and the time as this is no longer relevant.
Timeslot Warning - we have also made the timeslot field turn RED (on the wharf tab only) when we are past the storage start date.
Added MYOBLIVE as a financial integration point
Timeslot Notification - modified to be able to send the actual time in the notification
Single connote with Driver Run Sheets - at the moment the sytem prints one connote per leg. So if you are doing multiple legs for the same container on the same day it will print multiple copies. We have added a new parameter runsheet_print_one_connote that if set to 1 will only ever print a single connote per container.
Selective updates on Wait Availability tab - at the moment you can update all the container in a single vessel. Now we give you the option to select all containers on a vessel or all fora customer or manually select the ones you want to apply the date action to.  As before you click on the vessel to start with all containers on it. You can click on the customer heading to filter on specific customers and you can select specific containers to give the date to.
  • Added Pick/Pack/Putaway charges
  • Create Warehouse Inbound job automatically when a container job is going to the warehouse
  • Added trigger from warehouse job to set the MT ready for pickup
  • Added ability to consolidate the LPN's
  • Change Pick/Confirm screen on Outbound orders
  • Added the concept of a sub_value to rates. So now you can have a charge for something line a MOVEIN and have different rates depending on whether its a PLT, DBLPLT etc.
  • Modified the High Water Mark calcuation to not take into account outbound movements
Mobile App
  • Fixed an issue with jobs disappearing between midnight and 2am when the roll leg process takes place
General Freight - this release has also laid down the groundwork for the General Freight Module. Please Note: We have not turned on general freight for this release as there are some small things still outstanding. It will be turned on next release.
  • Added general freight option into customer and global rates and rate items.
  • Added the ability to put general freight into the container allocation screens - with its own tab
  • Added the ability to add a general freight job from the container add booking screen
  • Added general freight into Daily Master and Completed jobs
  • Added general freight into Ready To Invoice
  • Added ability to invoice for general freight
FT 4 - as you know we are in the process of building new screens for FT which is taking a lot of time as we have so much other development to do. We will be releasing screens one by one rather than in a big bang approach which should be easier for both you the user and us the developers. Customer Screen - we have added in the new customers list and detail screens. The detail screen is much the same as you currently have, but the detail screen is different. Here are some of the things that are different. The fields that you can edit are defined based on the type of customer record that it is. For example a delivery location does not need a billing address or invoice options.
  • We have added in ABN for the paying customer
  • There is a Close Details button that will hide the customer details so you have more space for the tabs below.
  • Customer tabs - the main change to the customer tabs is the Rates screen. This is a long overdue requirement for our larger clients with a lot of rates. You can now filter your rates in 2 ways.The filter set just above the table allows you to filter on both the freight type eg. Container and the Rate Type eg. Addon charges.
  • Additionally each of the table headings are sortable and some you can also filter. So for example you could filter all the container freight charges for a specific Per. You can then use the edit button above and right of the table to edit just those rates.
  • Bug Fixes
    Fixed issue on customers->pref tab that was displaying id's and not correct data.

    Freight Tracker v3.27 Released

    • Bulk Print Connotes - Ability to print all the connotes of a booking in one go - simply open the booking detail screen and click the Print Connotes button.
    • WA Tab - added sub tabs to handle Exports better. Now you have 3 sub tabs - Import (no change there), Export MT (exports coming from MT park) and Export Full (exports going to wharf). Clicking on the Vessel name on these 2 new tabs allows you to set the date of the respective leg (eg. MT pickup) in bulk.
    • Customer specific connotes - some of you have customers who want their own logo onto the connote rather than yours. You can now do that. On the customer detail screen you can upload the logo of the customer. IF a customer has their logo attached, then every connote generated for one of their jobs will have their logo and address details in the header.
    • Financials Completed Jobs - allow the option to display or not display the current days jobs.
    • Export Daily Yard Plan to XL
    • Allow multiple separate port locations in one city.
    • Changed the colour of the Accepted icon on the allocation screen as it was too close to the colour of the Dispatch icon
    • Added Outbound dispatch confirmation screen
    • Added Pick confirm email
    • Added inventory adjustment tab
    • Added Move task screen
    • Added Inventory consolidation screen
    • Added outbound order process
    Mobile App
    • Sort the jobs displaying by time
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue with exporting Invoice summaries to XL
    • Fixed issue with Auto timeslot upload from 1-Stop. You can once again email your slot information from 1-Stop to {client} and it will process and automatically attach the slots to the containers and let you know about any spare slots you have. Please Note: If you want to use this feature, let us know so that we can configure it for you.
    • Fixed bug with FCL planner export to XL that did not show the time correctly